John's Photo Gallery

Over the last ten years or so I've taken digital photos and created photo web pages for some of the activities that I'm involved with, and these things needed a home (especially after GUIDE shut down). Rather than leave them collecting digital dust on my hard drive, I decided to put the better ones here so that others can see them too. If you aren't in these pictures, you probably won't be interested!

Family stuff
Like the name implies, this section contains mostly gratuitous family photos. For the most part that is vacations or other events where I pulled out the camera to capture some memories. Continuously under construction.

This section contains the old GUIDE International and engage! pics we collected in the last few years of our existence and some newer material collected when we old GUIDE workers get together to tell lies and show off our deteriorating bodies.

IE6T7 classmates
This section contains material starting in the 30th anniversary of our graduating class, University of Toronto Industrial Engineering 1967, including pics from the annual golf game and various social activities. It's now on a separate website (

Wallpaper and screensavers
This section contains a select set of shots formatted for wallpaper and screensavers. At one point, I started putting these on Webshots, but I found that it's a lot easier to just show them here.